Nicole Savage is a rising junior at Duke University from Pacific Palisades, California. She is double majoring in Public Policy and Global Health and minoring in French. She is traveling to Léogâne, Haiti for two months with Family Health Ministries, a Durham-based NGO partnered with DukeEngage. In Léogâne, she will be conducting surveys and collecting data as part of an ongoing research project on PTSD following the 2010 earthquake. Nicole will be studying abroad in Paris in the fall of 2013.



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  1. Francesca Wander says:

    Hi Nicole. You probably don’t remember me, since the last time we met, you were a little girl, but I went to business school with your mom, and both your mom and dad were very good friends of mine. Your dad forwarded your blog to me, and I read it with interest. You are right to have doubts about what you can accomplish in Haiti in such a short time. The honest answer is probably very little. But what is most important about what you are doing is that you are doing it.

    You are young; you are smart; you are inquisitive; and you are determined. I know these things about you, because I know your parents well. And because of them, you are destined to do and accomplish amazing things with your life. Things that go beyond yourself and the immediate world in which you were raised. Your trip to Haiti is just one small step on what will hopefully be a long journey. This step will lead to the next…and to the next…and so on. Each step might seem, on its own, small. But each small step will help to determine the person you eventually become, and cumulatively, over the course of a lifetime, the results can be enormous.

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